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Ageless Remarkable St. Louisans - 2009

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Ben Abell

“With respect to weather and interacting as a teacher, my students and I have a very intimate relationship.”

Professor Abell loves studying the weather so much that he still spends much of his time teaching and forecasting. 

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Melvin Bahle

“People less fortunate than we deserve our help.  You have to get involved with other people. It’s the only way to learn, to get new ideas, and to grow.  I learn something from everyone I meet.”

Mel has served as treasurer of The Danforth Foundation for 54 years, giving him a hand in many of the region’s most important projects.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

John Brightman

“I feel I am doing a service; I am being useful.  I have skills that can help nonprofits, and I don’t want to quit working.”

A life-long volunteer with many organizations, John remains most proud of his past and current involvement with City Academy.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Peter Bunce

“I love the idea of getting involved with something worthwhile and making it better.  And by coincidence, I have come to love jazz, the circus and the theater.”

Through his involvement with Grand Center and arts programs like Circus Flora and Dancing in the Streets, Peter continues to have a positive impact on the boards he serves.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Fredrick Kenneth Conrad

“It’s all about people.  I look forward to meeting new people and continuing to learn from them.  The days go by awful fast, so you have to enjoy each one.”

Since retiring in 1990, Fred has provided wise counsel, a listening ear and unparalleled good humor and optimism to help thousands in need through Lafayette Industries and Business Persons Between Jobs.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Rosemary Davison

“I have a passion for the things that I do… I’m not the rocking-chair type.  To me, history is more than names and dates—it’s the stories of people that we need to preserve.”

The author of four books, Rosemary still volunteers, attends city council meetings, and tutors elementary school children each week.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Annie Graham

“I really like to help people who cannot help themselves.”

Annie provides housekeeping services for older adults, helping them maintain their independence.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Marie Hatten

“Faith is everything.  If I didn’t have church, I don’t know what I would do…I also just thank God for giving me a mind that doesn’t ever let me stop being active.”

Whenever the staff of St. Andrew’s of Jennings has a job that needs doing, Marie is always there to lend a hand, willingly and with her signature smile on her face. 

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Mary Ann Lee

“I like to help people, especially young people.  I don’t make a big deal about it.  I just like what I do and I’m glad I’m able to do it.”

Mary Ann has devoted her life to helping others find beauty, joy and opportunity through her philanthropy.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Edwin and Lenore Pepper

“I think we shouldn’t think about getting older. Instead, think about improving the quality of life for other people.  And be sure to do the things you like and to share them with the people you love.”—Lenore

“I really enjoy the different personalities and the interaction that I share with them.  It makes me never want to give up and moves me forward in my chosen field.”—Edwin

Ed and Lenore work full time at their design firm, Edwin Pepper Interiors, and volunteer extensively with a host of nonprofit organizations.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Anthony F. Sansone, Sr.

“If you’ve got something to offer and it’s going to help humanity, that’s what you’re here to do.  If I were to sit back, I wouldn’t think much of myself.”

When he is not working full-time at Sansone Group, the development company he founded, Anthony can usually be found riding his Tennessee Walker, playing golf, or spending time with his eight children, forty-one grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Bill Schicker

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world.  When I can help someone out, I get as much out of it as they do.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  Simple as that.”

As owner of McMahon Ford and four other dealerships in the region, Bill is still hard at work in business and as one of St. Louis’ most dedicated volunteers. 

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Dr. Egon Schwarz

“If you still have a life force, you have to do something.  For me, writing is an exploration of the world.  If you are confined to your own experiences, you live in a very small world.”

Dr. Schwarz, a Washington University professor emeritus of German, is editing another book and adding to his lengthy list of publications.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Sydell Shayer

“I think all these issues are important because they make a difference in people’s lives. I find working on public policy issues is a productive use of my time.”

Sydell keeps her intellect sharp through her involvement with the League of Women Voters, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Jewish Community Relations Council.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Marjorie Smith

“My dad passed along his philosophy:  ‘Of those who have much, much is required.’  How can I not give back to make somebody else’s life enriched?”

Marjorie, a city resident for more than half of her life, devotes her time primarily to education-related organizations.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Jack Strosnider

“I really don’t want to miss walking or miss a Parkinson’s meeting.  It’s not like a job.  You go there to meet your friends and to be part of what’s going on, and I have always received much more than I have given.”

Jack spends a lot of time on the telephone, providing a sympathetic and understanding ear for members of his Parkinson’s disease support group.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Dr. William Tao

“I am thankful for what the United States gave me, an opportunity to succeed.  So if other people need my help, I do whatever I can.”

The tennis center at Washington University is named for Dr. Tao, who continues to play several times each week.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

The Honorable George H. Walker, III

“I have gotten far more back than I have given.  There is such a small percentage of people who have had the privileges I have had, so I feel I owe it to do something for those who have less.”

Whether in business, nonprofit leadership or international diplomacy, Bert continues to demonstrate his commitment to the welfare of others and his ability to produce positive outcomes in whatever he tackles.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Earl Walker

“I don’t think I should sit around and not do something.  I still believe I can contribute to the betterment of the country.”

Earl’s accomplishments are many, but the most impressive may be the fact that he is a Grand Cross member of the Scottish Rite, an honor afforded to only two Missourians.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Alexandra Zaharias

“This is the calling I have, so I never get tired or bored with it.  Being around these young people keeps me going.  It’s just a part of my life.”

Alexandra Zaharias still teaches 10 classes each week to aspiring ballet dancers, many of whom have gone on to become outstanding amateur and professional artists.  

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Albert Schoenbeck

“Remaining active and involved are key to enjoying life as we grow older.” 

Albert is a seasoned practitioner of the law and wise counselor. And, as a concerned citizen, he has accepted several political appointments related to community service.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Mildred Spitzer

“I really enjoy being with other people and staying active. I’ve never been one to sit and watch the world go by.”

Mildred is a centenarian and still “rocking.” One day each week, she lovingly rocks babies at the University City Children’s Center.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Ruediger Thalmann, M.D.

“I’ve never grown up; never accepted the idea that I am growing older.”

Dr. Thalmann is a physician and Professor Emeritus and Lecturer at Washington University specializing in research related to hearing and deafness.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Helen Weiss

“Keep learning; exercise the mind and the body; and, have a good time.”

Helen stays involved, stays motivated because, she says, it’s so much fun.

Marlyn Adderton: 2010 Ageless Honoree

Eugenia Zacny

“Life, you could say, is a lot like a game of tennis. The score is not all that important. It’s the fact that you play.”

Eugenia has been playing tennis for more than 70 years, and is a long-time competitor and champion in the Senior Olympics.