August 2023 Resident Profile

Testimony from Colleen Calhoun, Proud Resident of The Sarah Community

Colleen Calhoun joined The Sarah Community in June 2021. Her journey with us began after she suffered a stroke, leaving her in need of short-term rehabilitation. While recovering from a serious injury or event like a stroke can be anxiety-inducing, Colleen never took it that way. “From the moment I arrived,” she said, “I knew I was in caring and capable hands.”

The physical and occupational therapy she received was challenging, but Colleen knew she was never alone. With the support of our staff, she persevered through each and every session. Bit by bit, she regained her strength and independence, finally achieving her goal of graduating from rehabilitation to long-term care. “It was a joyous moment,” she recalled.

She continued to improve her abilities during her three months in our community’s long-term care area, where our compassionate staff members motivated and nurtured her continually. As her abilities continued to improve, she discussed her move to assisted living with our dedicated nursing care team.

“[This] transition was a turning point in my life,” Colleen recalled. Receiving assisted living services at The Sarah Community provided Colleen with just the right balance of support and independence, allowing her to thrive with a level of care that exceeded her expectations. “The staff became like family to me,” Colleen said, “and their genuine care and encouragement motivated me to keep pushing forward.”

Colleen has made an incredible recovery and she now proudly resides in our independent living area, the Naomi House—her new home. Cherishing every minute she spends here, she enjoys going to our Life Enriching activities like Happy Hours, music entertainment, and all sorts of parties. But even better than the entertainment is the company. She has made close friends with staff members and other residents, and she enjoys talking with them outdoors about all they have accomplished and just how far they have come in their respective journeys.

After living with us for a few years, Colleen has this to say: "I cannot express enough gratitude for The Sarah Community and the life-changing experience it provided for me… They have given me a second chance at life, and I am forever grateful."

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