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Find yourself assuming caregiving duties for an older adult in your life? Access a wealth of knowledge on the subject with CaringBoost.

“It’s like having a nurse in my pocket to walk me through each step.”

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provide excellent care at home.

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Be confident in your caregiving skills with CaringBoost. But don’t just take our word on it; check out what our users have to say.


“There is so much I didn’t know going into this. (Some of it I wish I never had to know.) But it really helps to know I have CaringBoost lessons available when I need them. it’s like having a nurse in my pocket to walk me through each step.”

– Mel M | caring for sister


“After Dad came home from the hospital, CaringBoost was with me every step of the way. From showing me how to move him safely from his wheelchair to bed to the shower, to wound care and infection prevention, to nutrition and medications. It helped me feel like I could actually do this, even when it all felt overwhelming. And it definitely saved my sanity and a few trips to the hospital. It should be part of every discharge package.”

– Erica D | caring for father


“Before CaringBoost I would spend hours trying to find the right information. Everything else was too general or full of medical jargon. CaringBoost makes it easy so I know I’m doing it right.”

– Jim P | caring for wife

Our expansive library covers it all.

Take the guesswork out of caregiving with our huge range of topics and online training.

CaringBoost lessons cover a wide range of tasks and topics that matter most when taking care of a family member at home. Check out the lesson list below. Dealing with any of these healthcare topics now? Do you know what may be coming next? Are you prepared?

  • Everyday Care
    • Home Safety
      • Disposal of medical waste
      • Fall prevention
      • Infection control
    • Moving Safely
      • Correct use of walkers
      • Moving safely in the home
      • Using a wheelchair
      • Wandering
    • Hygiene and Grooming
      • Dressing a person
      • Foot care
      • Mouth care
  • Recognizing and Relieving Pain
  • Giving Oxygen
  • Giving an Enema
  • Monitoring
    • Observing general health
    • Taking blood pressure
    • Taking a pulse
    • Taking a temperature
    • Measuring blood glucose
  • Post-Surgery Care
    • Applying elastic or compression stockings
    • Care after surgery
    • Care of drainage bags
    • Care of stitches (sutures)
    • Changing a gauze dressing
    • Getting ready for surgery
  • Giving Medicines
    • Giving medications safely
    • Inhalers
    • Nebulizers
    • Rectal suppositories
    • Subcutaneous injections
  • Nutrition
    • Aspiration precautions
    • Feeding a person
  • More Support & Resources for Family Caregivers
    • Organizations
    • Support groups
    • Publications

Whether it’s a topic you’re dealing with now, like creating a long-term care plan, or you want to be prepared for, like finding end-of-life home care agencies, we’ve got you covered. And we make accessing this information easy.

Every caregiver training lesson is written by a verified medical practitioner and edited by communication professionals to give thorough, expert guidance that’s easy to understand on relevant topics. It is all important information that caregivers like yourself need to know, but may not know to ask about—especially when you only get such a limited time with busy doctors and nursing aides.

Sure, you could spend hours Googling, but sites like WedMD (while useful) rarely go in depth enough to fully cover what you really need to know about caregiver training, or else you need an advanced degree or certification course to understand all the medical jargon!

Fill your knowledge gaps.

CaringBoost covers the most important topics home caregivers can face. For just pennies a day, you can get peace of mind in minutes. From learning about basic first aid to creating a dementia care plan for a family member living with Alzheimer’s disease, be sure to learn all about the personal care services you will be providing to your loved one.

CaringBoost fills that senior care knowledge gap. Best of all, you learn on your own terms. Videos, step-by-step instructions, tips, expert advice, and downloadable guides are all at your fingertips 24/7 on your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

About CaringBoost

CaringBoost was created for home caregivers by medical experts and long-time family caregivers because we saw (and felt) the need to share professional caregiving training with non-professional caregivers—regular, non-medical folks like yourself, who are helping care for someone at home.

Statistics show that most of us will find ourselves acting as family caregivers at some point. You’re probably one now if you are here. It’s a role that is often overwhelming, confusing and–let’s face it–scary.

We created CaringBoost to help with that. While in-person caregiver support groups are great, sometimes you need more expert advice when the doctor or certified nursing assistant (CNA) isn’t around.

Eldercare preparedness is our mission.

Studies show that people are happier and healthier (and live longer!) when they are in an environment they trust, surrounded by people who love and care for them. We provide the education you need to take care of a loved one in the comfort of their home with your own caring hands.*

*Please note that while our materials are reviewed by medical professionals, CaringBoost does not offer certified caregiver courses/caregiver certifications, home health aide (HHA) certifications, or continuing education credits.

About St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions

There’s enough worry in the world.

You need less of it.

Since 1961, St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System has reduced many of the anxieties that swirl around care for elders. How? Through options that foster vitality and well-being. And through a family of exceptional services that take burdens from your shoulders and frown lines from your face.

As the experts in in-home care, our faith-based, non-profit organization offers personalized care to each individual client. Through assistance with activities of daily living (like toileting), housekeeping, transportation, minor home repairs (and so much more), St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions helps families, caregivers, loved ones, and seniors in St. Louis City & County to Worry Less®.

Our vision is to create a world where all elders are respected, productive, secure, and fulfilled. Our mission is making that vision real. Every day.

Disclaimers – CaringBoost offers online lessons, tutorials, and other helpful information for informal caregivers. It is not an official caregiver training program and should not replace the advice of licensed medical professionals. The information CaringBoost offers should not be used to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or condition.