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Assisted Living

A Person-Centered Care Model

St. Andrew’s Assisted Living is strategically designed around comfort of life. Our Vitality activity programming promotes the seven domains of wellness. We encourage families and friends to visit, which helps elders thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Assisted Living

Our Approach to Assisted Living

Our approach to assisted living includes providing a home-like atmosphere and individualized, around-the-clock care that allows each person to thrive physically, socially, and emotionally. All of our accommodations and services are designed for seniors of varied levels of independence, but require some assistance with bathing, dressing, managing medications, and moving about.

Our Care & Assistance services include the following:

  • Home-like atmosphere
  • Great for family gatherings
  • Health and wellness
  • Nurses working around-the-clock

Our residents experience a nurturing and empowering environment every day. In all directions, there are new opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment. As every resident will tell you, theirs is a home made warmer by celebrating diversity and new acquaintances. We seek to build a community of care and love that is open to all the treasures and surprises of life.

St. Andrew’s Assisted Living Communities

We offer the level of care you or your loved one needs: independent living/retirement living,skilled nursing care, assisted living, and memory care.

Brooking Park

Brooking Park

Located in Chesterfield, Brooking Park is a 5-star, not-for-profit, faith-based life plan retirement community near St. Luke’s Hospital for active seniors. Brooking Park offers a full spectrum of health services, which includes skilled nursing care, assisted living, and memory care options as well as respite care and rehabilitation services to help individuals and families be at their strongest.

St. Andrew's Assisted Living of Bridgeton

St. Andrew’s Assisted Living of Bridgeton

St. Andrew’s Assisted Living of Bridgeton is a senior living community where Assisted Living is at its best – secure, at ease, pleasant, and supportive. Worry is put aside by both residents and their families because there are lovely studio apartments, delicious meals, services, activities, amenities, and an ever-present thoughtful staff who provide just the right amount of caring help to promote independent living and provide reassurance.

Cape Albeon

Cape Albeon

In the 20-year tradition of excellent care for seniors, Cape Albeon’s New Cove Memory Care Household offers residents and families a beacon of hope in caring for residents with dementia. In addition to providing caring and secure memory care units, our all-inclusive memory care household strives to maintain dignity and independence for all of our residents.

Charitable gifts and contributions can be made directly to Cape Albeon or Good Samaritan, Inc. with the designation for application to Cape Albeon and its mission

St. Andrew's at New Florence

St. Andrew’s at New Florence

St. Andrew’s at New Florence offers the friendliness, familiarity, and security of a small town. Based in Montgomery County, St. Andrew’s at New Florence complements all levels of care with home-style dining, pleasant surroundings, and entertaining activities. Committed to seniors and neighbors, New Florence’s compassionate team members help families connect loved ones with the best care in town.

The Sarah Community

The Sarah Community

Located in Bridgeton, The Sarah Community is a not-for-profit, faith-based life plan retirement community for active seniors offering a full spectrum of health services. We are a retirement living, skilled nursing, and assisted living community, with a focus on wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

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