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Charitable Foundation

St. Andrew's Charitable Foundation

St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System has a simple mission: to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged older adults and the well-being of their family caregivers in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and beyond through charity, advocacy, senior living services, and support services.

We pride ourselves on not just offering a wide range of senior living options to suit the needs of any older adult’s lifestyle, but also on our Charitable Foundation, which offers even more help to the most disadvantaged people in our communities.

Serving Older Adults in St. Louis

Research indicates that 56% of seniors in St. Louis City are not economically secure, and that over 40% of St. Louis City seniors live with a disability. These numbers mean that we, as a community, need to work together to care for our elders. That is why St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation offers a number of senior services to St. Louis area aging adults and their families, so that we can make our entire community stronger, healthier, and happier.

Our Senior Services

Older adults and their loved ones can access the following services:

  • Benevolent Care Fund – Our network of senior living communities ensures that families can Worry Less®. Part of worrying less means knowing that finances are taken care of, especially for low-income seniors. Our Benevolent Care Fund helps our Brooking Park and Tower Grove Manor residents have financial support to continue receiving the highest quality of care.
  • Healthy Foods Program – Everyone deserves access to nutritious meals. That is why our Healthy Foods Program offers grocery delivery, SNAP guidance, and nutritional education services to local aging adults.
  • Circle of Care – With in-home care and social services, along with assessments and referrals, we help more than 1,800 live as independently as possible for as long as is safe in their homes.
  • Homer Schmitz Memorial Health Clinics – On-site, walk-in healthcare services, including mental health services, at no cost to residents at St. Andrew’s of Jennings, Rush Senior Gardens, and Zion Corner/Sammie E. Jones Residence.
  • Safe Home for Seniors Program – Falls account for a significant amount of injuries and hospitalizations among seniors every year. This program offers home improvement services to enhance safety and prevent the likelihood of falls.

About St. Andrew’s

We are a non-profit organization that offers long-term care services to senior citizens. For more than 60 years, we have helped families Worry Less® about the stress of aging and focus more on the joys. Our ability to help those in need is enhanced by our Charitable Foundation.

To learn more about St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation’s outreach programs and senior care initiatives, please go here.