Features of Our Faith-Based Retirement Community

Features of Our Faith-Based Retirement Community

Nourishing the mind and body is important, but we believe nourishing only the mind and body neglects another vital aspect of wellness—spirituality. That is why we designed our network of not-for-profit, faith-based retirement communities to meet the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of older adults and their families.

Because total wellness only comes through a holistic approach to senior care.

Faith and Spirituality at St. Andrew's

In our communities, we serve plenty of Christian seniors, including Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Baptists. But we don't only serve Christians; we are committed to people of all faiths. What unites us is a sense of community and adoration in something greater than ourselves. In short, a love of our neighbors and strong faith is what connects everyone within our network.

To us, spirituality can be found in all places and people, although we believe it thrives best when the places we occupy are accessible and thoughtfully designed, and the people in our communities are well-cared for and valued, every single day.

That is why our communities offer the following:

  • On-site religious services, including nondenominational worship services
  • Religious activities like nondenominational prayer groups and scripture/Bible study
  • Compassionate care delivered by dedicated caregivers and other staff
  • A variety of floor plans—including studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments—allow residents to find a living space that works for their unique needs
  • Various levels of care to meet residents where they are at
  • Regular activities that foster creativity and connection with others
  • Outdoor spaces to calm the mind and connect with nature
  • A focus on total well-being, including spirituality, mental health, and physical wellness
  • Affordable housing to reduce stress and worry
  • Operating as a nonprofit organization, because it's not about the money
  • Accessible, person-centric healthcare options

About St. Andrew's

At St. Andrew's, we envision a society where all elders are respected, productive, secure, and fulfilled. We work to make this vision a reality by enabling elders and their caregivers through choices and options to Worry Less®. Our team helps families decide what services are right for them—memory care in a communal setting, or skilled nursing care services received at home. Because no matter what choice people make, we want to make sure it is the right choice for their unique situation.

Our Senior Living Services

We are a nonprofit organization and network of faith-based life plan communities that has offered a continuum of care to older adults and their loved ones for years.

Our senior living options include:

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