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Caring Workplace

With the population of people aged 60 or older expected to double by 2050, the number of people in charge of caring for these individuals is also on the rise. In fact, 16 million current employees balance full-time jobs with their caregiving responsibilities. While this is triple the amount since 2001—and continuing to grow—most companies still have no formal policies in place to give these employees access to much-needed eldercare services, which can result in productivity losses.

The rising demand for family members to provide care will continue to increase as the older adult populations continue to grow. Boston University’s Center on Work & Family found family-friendly policies and programs reduced absenteeism and stress while improving morale.

Access to a geriatric care manager provides invaluable support, consultations, and information to an employee with eldercare responsibilities.

For Employee Caregivers

Whether you are an employee working with the elderly or an employee that must care for a loved one at home, we are there to help.

Individual Consultation

One-on-one, in-person confidential consultation. Comprehensive caregiver assessment. Individualized plans made by a care provider.


Addressing caregiver’s concerns with on-site seminars, lunch & learns, management education, health care articles, newsletters, alerts, and more.

Resource and Referral Information

Recommendations and connections to other applicable resources/benefits. Quarterly utilization reports. Wide range of discounted supportive services offered through St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions.

For Employers

Our award-winning corporate eldercare program saves working caregivers time and energy while minimizing the negative impact on businesses.

Improve company morale. Reduce stress & absenteeism. Increase focus & productivity. Help retain & attract new talent.

Boost your benefit package, The Caring Workplace® is an affordable way to become an “employer of choice.” Learn more about eldercare solutions from St. Andrew’s below.

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St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System:
A Leader in Eldercare Since 1961

Serving seniors and their family caregivers for more than 50 years, St. Andrew’s meets and anticipates the needs of older adults and their families through ownership, management, and development of senior housing and community services. The Caring Workplace® program provides working individuals with professional guidance and resources at their fingertips.

Our Mission

The Caring Workplace® program provides a solution for companies by helping caregivers balance work with eldercare obligations, saving on the costs of caregiving for both the employer and employee.

Our Impact

As a service of St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System, The Caring Workplace® program alleviates stressful eldercare decision-making for employees, benefits seniors, and increases profits for companies.

Our Clients


“I had no idea the level of support and service the Caring Workplace® provided until I was personally faced with my own caregiving situation. I am proud to offer these invaluable services to the employees of Emerson Motors.”

— Jim Lindemann, Former Executive Vice President

Fred Weber Inc

“The Caring Workplace® is one of the best benefits we offer our employees. The Caring Workplace® program provides our business with a cost effective solution that is felt both at the business and employee level. Their excellent team provides supportive services that help employees gain access to resources that reduces their stress and improves their job performance.”

— Thomas P. Dunne, Former Sr. Chairman & CEO

Lewis & Clark

“The Caring Workplace® program makes Southwestern Illinois a better place to live and work. Thank you for the outreach you provide to our community.”

— Dr. Dale Chapman, President