November 2023 Testimonial

Life Enrichment Director Testimony | St Andrew's - The Sarah Community

Kelly has been the Life Enrichment Director at The Sarah Community for four years. When she started, she had no idea that she was about to begin a journey of a lifetime. “The stories heard, memories made, and friendships created have been worth more than I could ever have imagined,” she said, cherishing that she can enrich the lives of residents just as much as they enrich hers. Her role is not without its challenges, yet Kelly still believes that bringing joy, enrichment, and happiness to elders’ lives is so fulfilling that she could do it forever.

Besides learning each day from residents, Kelly is also grateful for her coworkers making every single day worthwhile and making each day at work not truly “work” but something to look forward to. When asked of her plans for the future, Kelly had this to say: “I hope to continue to grow here… I truly cherish and appreciate that I can say that I work at this community!”

Kelly, Life Enrichment Director at The Sarah Community

St. Andrew’s

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