How to Find the Right Senior Rehab Center for Your Loved One

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Life is full of choices. And the more you know about your options, the more educated a decision you can make on what is best for yourself and your family. When it comes to senior rehab centers, you have plenty of options available to you, so the question you need to ask yourself is less "What is the best senior rehabilitation center," and more "Which senior rehab center is best for my family's unique situation?"

While trying to find the right services for your family might seem overwhelming, we promise it's not. With more information on what level of care your loved one needs and what rehab programs are available in your area, you can easily make the right decision for your family. This way, you can focus on what's truly important—helping someone you love recover from an illness or injury thoroughly and quickly!

What Level of Care Does Your Loved One Need?

Receiving care at a senior rehabilitation center can help older adults, including your loved ones, the transition from the hospital to everyday life. Nothing in life is inevitable, although it's likely that, at some point or another, your aging family member will need professional help to recover from an injury or infection. In these cases, it's essential to understand what sort of care your relative needs so that you can better determine what kind of rehabilitation center offers the right services for your family's situation.

Popular Senior Rehab Services

Medical and therapy services that many retirement communities offer (including several within the St. Andrew's network) include:

  • Occupational therapy can help older adults learn how to perform better activities of daily living (ADLs), including bathing or getting dressed.
  • Physical therapy helps patients regain physical mobility.
  • Speech therapy helps people relearn old communication skills or learn new ones after an event like a traumatic brain injury.
  • Short-term skilled nursing care helps people not ill enough to require hospitalization heal to the point that they can safely return home after an injury or illness.

In addition to inpatient rehab services, many rehabilitation centers offer outpatient services, including in-home visits from physical therapists, social workers, caregivers, and more. These visits can include:

  • Medical care services, including wound care services, require the assistance of a licensed professional rather than family caregivers.
  • Personal care services, including help with ADLs.

Which Type of Care is Right for Your Family?

Suppose your relative is well enough to leave the hospital but isn't quite ready to return home safely, inpatient. In that case, short-term rehab services will likely be the best option available to your family. If your aging relative can return home safely but still needs extra help getting back on their feet, in-home care visits from licensed professionals could be just what your family needs.

What to Look for in Senior Rehabilitation Services

Finding the level of care your family member needs is half the battle. Once you have this knowledge, you can safely move to the next rehab step: finding a rehabilitation center that will help your family heal and move forward.

When looking at different rehabilitation facilities, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What sort of rehab and wellness services does the location offer? Are these services the same ones that the person you love needs?
  • What insurance does it accept? Medicare, private insurance, or something else?
  • What is the maximum length of stay for short-term residents seeking rehabilitation/therapeutic services?
  • What qualifications do staff members have?
  • Are staff members dedicated not just to residents' physical health but also their spiritual and mental health?

If the location's services align with your family's needs and rehabilitation goals, your loved one is recovering.

Senior Care Services from St. Andrew's

St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors Systems helps Missouri families Worry Less®. We offer research-backed, compassionate, and individualized care to everyone who enters our doors. Our team of highly trained staff members provides our short-term residents with the same expertise and care that our long-term residents receive. Our goal is to lift the mind, body, and spirit of everyone who enters our network—no matter how long their time in our communities may be.

The following senior living communities in our network also host senior rehabilitation centers that offer quality short-term rehabilitation services to older adults who need them:

Outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation services we offer include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Health care and wound care services
  • Personal care services
  • In-home visits

Contact us today to learn more about getting someone you love into the senior rehab center that can help them make a complete and speedy recovery.

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